Atomic Light Angel Cordless Motion Activated LED Light

  • ₱1,399.00
  • Save ₱1,300

Product Description

A no hassle solution.
When you arrive home at night, dangers lurk in the dark: uneven pavement, exposed tree roots, misplaced patio furniture, stray branches, strangers sulking around your property – the situations are endless. You want to install a security light it’s too expensive to hire an electrician. And other so-called stick up security lights fail the first chance they have to shine. Atomic Light Angel is the easy solution for outdoor and indoor security lighting that’s completely cordless and hassle-free!

Other motion-activated security lights miss the mark. You know the scenario – you’re standing right in front of the light, frantically waving your arms in the air. To any bystander you look like you’re miming an aircraft marshaller performing a routine for air passengers awaiting takeoff on the tarmac. Motion-activated security lights aren’t supposed to work that way. Atomic Light Angel utilizes a technologically advanced motion detector. It activates automatically whenever a person, pet, or vehicle crosses its path. An auto shut off saves battery power. Atomic Light Angel turns off automatically after 30-seconds.

Pivots and rotates.
When your security light is installed in the only place it can be installed, and it still doesn’t fully light your path, it’s frustrating. Atomic Light Angel rotates a full 360-degrees and pivots back and forth. Effortlessly shine light exactly where you need it.

Shines 460 Lumens with COB LED Panels.
Why are you still changing blown light bulbs? Atomic Light Angel uses the latest COB LED panels that shines astounding 460 lumens. It’s super bright to light up the night! Plus, the COB LEDs remain cool to the touch and last up to 100,000 hours.


Easy installation. 
Atomic Light Angel has a no wire, no plier easy installation. Just affix the included adhesive tape to the back of Atomic Light Angel and firmly press to your desired surface to mount. It’s the perfect light for garages, pathways, doorways, attics, basements, and more!